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Dhubite Tackle



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200g, 150g, 120g, 100g, 80g, 60g
Upgraded since our first edition, these are the only octo style jigs on the market actually built to withstand a serious fish. Unlike all other brands, we use 200lb assist cord and the best hooks on the market - BKK. We didn't stop there and also include 200lb split rings and the best swivels on the market - ball bearing swivels, which maintain their swivel action when under load as well as being the strongest available (just look around to see how many other brands pre-made jigs will include a ball bearing swivel!).

The ball shaped jigs are great for species such as pinkies, baldies, smaller red emperor, blue line emperor, spangles etc that can be easily put off by larger profile jigs or the more aggressive species if they are in a less aggressive mood. 

Their spherical shape means they get the most mass for a given volume, meaning the profile can be kept small for those less aggressive fish, while still maintaining jig action. They are best worked bobbing within 1m accross the sea floor, with the occasional pause for 5 seconds. Don't be afraid to leave the jig dead on bottom for 10 seconds or so, as pinkies and baldies will often follow from a distance working up the courage to strike, and will sometimes only do so when the pray has come to complete rest. 

The rod holder trick also works well for the Tim Tam for fish in a more aggressive mood (Dhuies, bigger snapper, coral trout, rankin, bigger red emperor, nannygai etc) giving off the action of an injured squid. Their spherical shape also means they have low frontal plane to weight ratio, meaning they will not be as affected by currents or high wind days for a given weight. The 350g version is surprisngly good in shallow depths for big Dhuies and big Snapper.  


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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Our 12 Month Guarantee

Our hooks won't straighten. Our swivels don't break!

If any of our gear breaks within 12 months of purchase, we will replace it.