Dhubite Ultimate Overhead All-round Rod (Jigging, Soft plastic, Bottom Bouncing)

Dhubite Tackle

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Dhubite is a new West Aussie brand that manufactures the best quality gear and sells direct online only, meaning no middlemen need to be paid at all. This ends up meaning the customer gets the highest quality gear for rediculous prices. This rod and reel is a prime example, find another rod and reel with the best possible quality and compare the prices to what you see here (Japanese world leading quality Toray carbon, Fuji Sic guides, Fuji reel seat). For other brands that use these internals you would be up for $400+. 

But the best part is none of those other expensive rods have an action as good as the Dhubite! There is more than one important factors when purchasing a rod. It must have a very flexible action for the front half of the rod so light jigs will perform their intends action. It must switch to a much stiffer action BEFORE the reel seat, so that when a big fish strikes you can still transfer enough force to turn it's head,  not just more bend in the rod (like every other top end rod). This is why these rods are so perfect for the versatility required in WA, all other rods require a light rod,  a heavy rod,  a bait rod. 

Pe2 is best suited for WA waters with the light tip action but the perfect enough backbone to reef 30kg fish if needed.

These rods are the most versatile on the market. They are perfect for both jigging and soft plastics,  but also designed to be an unbelievable bottom bouncing rod. You catch more fish then a broom stick as the flex maintains tension as the boat goes up and down swells and chops, giving the fish no change to spit hooks!

The rods are also designed to make fish feel lighter as the load is closer to the fulcrum than a broom stick! Everyone is always surprised at how big their first fish is when it surfaces.  

6’6” 198cm

Spiral wrapped (or straight guide option) Fuji Silica Carbide guides and Fuji butt assembly.

Worlds best blanks - Toray carbon hybrid spiral blanks.

PE1 - 120g (60-180g) Jig Weight (slightly lighter action than the 180g Jig Weight Type J’ B603 PE3 ultra light overhead rod) Rod weight 155g.

PE2 - 180g (80-300g) Jig Weight (similar, slightly stiffer action than the 180g Jig Weight Type J’ B603 PE3 ultra light overhead rod). Rod weight 163g.

PE3 - 250g (150-450g) Jig Weight (noticeably stiffer action than the 180g Jig Weight Type J’ B603 PE3 ultra light overhead rod, more similar to the ‘Type J’ PE5 250g. Rod weight 164g.

The jig weight ranges are for ideal jig weight. Heavier jigs can comfortably be used with each PE.