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Deep Drop Rigs (16/0, 400lb)

Deep Drop Rigs (16/0, 400lb)

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16/0 deep drop set up.

400lb breaking strain.

Test one on the boat winch yourself!

Ridiculously priced for a limited time. 

Great on Blue Eye, Bass, Grouper, Nannygai, Harpuka, Bar Cod, Ruby's and more.

Also good for big Dhuey's!



We've just unvailed our new deep drop rigs which have a few key differences to make them the best on the market! Introducing the snelled deep drop rigs. Your big baits can now be pleasantly presented to increase your catch rate out deep! We still have everything tested over 400lb, and the same hooks you've seen out 60kg± bass been pulled with. 

There are 2 snelled droppers and 1 single dropper, with a sinker loop and ball bearing swivel on the top loop for easy tying. We've also doubled the length between droppers to keep those double headers away from each other.

...One last thing, we have come up with what we have found is the strongest and best way to connect droppers to mainline. We have gone away with all types of 3 way swivels as they can sometimes introduce sheer stresses that can weaken the system when you need it most. We have now crimped both lines to a solid ring so there is no risk of losing a fish to a swivel, as there are no sheer stressed involved and you get the full 400lb strength of the system!

As always, we have used ball bearing swivels to ensure the highest quality. Get in quick!


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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Our 12 Month Guarantee

Our hooks won't straighten. Our swivels don't break!

If any of our gear breaks within 12 months of purchase, we will replace it.