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3 Dropper Demersal Rigs

3 Dropper Demersal Rigs

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We have used premade rigs several times over the years, and struggle to find any that tick all the boxes - because they are generally not constructed by fishermen or adjusted to make them better!

These 3 Dropper Premium Rigs are onto Version 4, getting better each time after feedback from users and our own use.

Most rigs fail at the knots, so we have opted for crimps to get more strength using thinner line. This makes it possible for the rigs to be tested to minimum 25kg DEAD WEIGHT (multiply this several times for the size of fish it could actually pull). To achieve this we use an expensive machine that triple crimps perfectly, without the possibility of human error. The aluminum crimps are left with a small tag end, and the crimps are not crimped to the edge to avoid weakening the line. Check our Youtube where we pull these in real time with a ratchet strap and scales!

The next failure point is due to the hooks opening / straightening, getting rusty or losing sharpness. We have opted for simply the best hooks on the market - BKK, all fisherman know this is the best hook available for this line of work.

The point normally forgotten is swivel quality. Crane Swivels, and all other 3 way swivels can fail at the join as the sheer angle under load can leverage the swivel to the point of failure. To avoid this common leverage failure, we created our own brand new swivels (never seen before), which are proving to be a major standout under real life conditions. The Dhubite DOOM Swivels are made from multiple welded rings so there is no way they can be levered to breakage, without compromising any other components or line twist (also sold separately is you search 'swivels'). The swivels are of course ball bearing models, the most expensive but the best swivel type as they still allow twist when under load as well as several other advantageous features.

No one wants to lose these rigs under snag, so we opted for 60lb sinker loop line to get your rig back. The rest of the line is 110lb mono, a good balance between width and strength.

But do they catch fish?
These rigs catch fish even without bait on (see our Youtube Video where we even catch Pinkies - the less aggressive species, here
Sometimes fish are flightly, sometimes they are aggressive - so we have developed our rigs around this. Smaller fish (or larger fish that are not in an aggressive mood), will not always attack lures or go too close to alarming activity to eat a bait. For this reason we kept the top hook bare and a slightly smaller hook (5/0 BKK), to maintain an option for fish in these conditions.

The middle dropper has the thicker glow-in-the-dark squid lure over a single 7/0 BKK hook to encourage more aggressive fish that would swallow the whole thing at once.

The bottom dropper is where we catch most of our prized fish. We have uniquely crimp snelled two BKK hooks together with a squid skirt over the top, allowing us to present larger baits while maintaining optimum hook up rate when only the bottom half is swallowed (or double chance hook up when swallowing the whole thing). The mono in between these hooks is also stronger than the mainline to allow extra abrasion resistance from those bigger fish (if you like the sound of this, check out our Jig Assists with steel wire-cored Dyneema).

These sell very quickly so get in quick, and use our code RIGAMORTIS for 30% OFF THESE RIGS.

Top Dropper: Single bare 5/0 BKK J-hook for flighty species such as smaller snapper.
Middle Dropper: Single 7/0 BKK J-hook with squid assist. This dropper accounts for ~30% of hookups.
Bottom Dropper: 2x BKK snelled 7/0's a squid skirt over both, the most common dropper we snag our big Dhu's and other solid fish on.  
110lb mono used, with 60lb sinker breakaway dropper. 

Standard Rig Variant: These rigs are a more affordable option as they do not have the BKK name but are still very strong. These also test to over 25kg strength without slipping, breaking, or hooks opening. They have 2 single hook droppers with squid skirt. 200lb crane swivels. 110lb mono used, with 60lb sinker breakaway dropper.  

NOTE: these 3 Dropper rigs can be used in 2023 outside West Coast region (Eg they can be used south/east of Black Point or Shark Bay and further north). If you are chasing 1 dropper rigs, see out 1 dropper rig page (legal in West Coast region around Perth).


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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