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Dhubite Tackle

3 Dropper Demersal Rigs

3 Dropper Demersal Rigs

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NOTE: these can be used in 2023 outside West Coast region (Eg they can be used south/east of Black Point or Shark Bay and further north).

These are the ultimate rigs for all species and regions of Australia! We are super excited about these ones. These rigs catch fish even without bait on!

*New and improved 2022 version. So far I have pulled all rigs from every angle over 25kg without crimps slipping, any breakage, or hooks straightening. If any of the gear breaks send me a message to investigate and refund or freebie, as we are sure it won't. Crimps are snug aluminum extended length, crimped 3 times (away from the ends) and all tag ends are burnt.

Premium Rigs Variant:

The strongest and best pre-made rigs available pound for pound.

BKK 5x Strong hooks on 3 droppers, joined with our customized Dhubite Doom-Squad swivels, which increase strength out of this world. They have 2 welded rings to the swivel ring so that they can be pulled in any direction without adding shear stresses to the rig (the most common breaking point). 

Top Dropper: Single bare 5/0 BKK J-hook for flighty species such as smaller snapper.

Middle Dropper: Single 7/0 BKK J-hook with squid assist. This dropper accounts for ~30% of hookups.

Bottom Dropper: 2x BKK snelled 7/0's a squid skirt over both, the most common dropper we snag our big Dhu's and other solid fish on.  

110lb mono used, with 60lb sinker breakaway dropper. 

Standard Rig Variant: These rigs are a more affordable option as they do not have the BKK name but are still very strong. These also test to over 25kg strength without slipping, breaking, or hooks opening. They have 2 single hook droppers with squid skirt. 200lb crane swivels. 110lb mono used, with 60lb sinker breakaway dropper.  


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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Our 12 Month Guarantee

Our hooks won't straighten. Our swivels don't break!

If any of our gear breaks within 12 months of purchase, we will replace it.