Demersal Rigs

Dhubite Tackle

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Unlike other pre-made rigs, these are built to handle monster Dhus and anything else that wants to give it a test.

Now with ball bearing swivel on top loop for easy tying.

- *NEW Snelled Rigs Version* - These are the ultimate rigs for all species and regions of Australia! We are super excited about these ones. The top hook is a bare 5/0 J hook, the middle hook is a 7/0 hook with squid skirt, and the bottom dropper is 2 hooks crimped together and a squid skirt over the top.

- The thick gauge hooks are incredibly strong and will not open when point hooked. 

- 200lb line which can stand up to reef damage and crayfish crushing gill rakers. 

- All crimped rigs to ensure there is no risk of failure.

- 60lb sinker loops acting as a sacrificial line saver when snagged. 

- Glow tube and squids for the extra touch, and still catch fish even if the bait gets stripped.