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Compact Collapsible Camp Table

Compact Collapsible Camp Table

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These tables were designed to be compact, lightweight and strong. We love stuff that can be thrown into the car or boat cabin, be safe in the sea spray, take up minimal room and be easy to set up and pack away. 

We have definitely ticked all these boxes as you simply open up the base, clip on the support, clip on the top and you're done.

All aluminium parts so nothing to rust or degrade! Theyre not that thin aluminium that feels flimsy, these are sturdy and lock into place without wobbling around. 

Extremely compact for a table of this size, they can easily be kept in the cabin or car and slid into any gap without worrying about it being crushed and breaking. 

We hate packaging that is too tight to get back in after the first use, it's safe to say there's no struggling to fit these back in their bag! The bag is also meshed, so a bit of water won't hurt it. 

2 pockets on both ends for keeping small goods safe, and non slip legs.

Lightweight at 1kg and a weight limit of 20kg.

Open size: 75**55*53cm (53cm height)
Weight: 1kg
Material: Aluminum alloy

Packed size: 76x8x8cm


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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