Extra Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers

Dhubite Tackle

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These pliers are not like stainless steel pliers which eventually rust after being left on the boat. Leave these bad boys on your bait board all year and they will not rust, get sticky or lose cutting/opening performance.

Split rings are normally the weakest point in a system, so it is important to use strong split rings that can not open. If you have ever tried to open heavy-duty split rings with standard tackle shop splitty pliers, the arms will twist and won't open the split ring enough. These are built for heavy-duty split rings and will open them with each with the special square tip. In saying that, this will still open small and weak split rings 

We've all had frustrations of cutting braid, these pliers are made for you. The crisp cutters will not rust and are specifically built for braid, mono and fluorocarbon no matter how harshly you treat them.