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Deep Drop Jigs (600g, 750g, 1000g)

Deep Drop Jigs (600g, 750g, 1000g)

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The main purpose of this jig is to get to the depths quick and attract attention.

The reason why these jigs are superior to other deep drop jigs is that you can run lighter weights than others to hold bottom. The reason for this is that the Dhubite Deep Drop Jigs are streamlined in the vertical dimension (so that you get to the bottom quick), but also the horizontal dimension so that the deep sea currents do not effect that jig as much. Other jigs have a high flutter and wider dimensions, which mean you need a heap of extra weight to hold bottom in the depths, as well as a much higher rate of tangles.

These jigs have a bright glow and with a slight thumbing of the spool on the drop, the jig will rocket to the deep depths with minimal flutter. A favourite with the bigger fish in these depths. Blue Eye, Bass, Grouper, Nannygai, Harpuka, Bar Cod, Ruby's all love this jig.

Now we may have started something here at Dhubite, because our favourite way to use these jigs is actually with a paternoster set up. We put the big jig with assists as the bottom set up, but also pair that with a solo assist (no jig) about 500mm above the jig. Be sure not to tie your leader to the solid ring to avoid the sharper edge, only tie to swivels. The double looped blood knot is the knot of choice here as the second loop spreads the load to avoid reaching breaking point.

On days with long period swells or just consistent days of medium to large swell, the visibility at the sea floor can be poor. And also on a lot of these days the current is ripping hard, meaning your jig is not tracking the boat effectively. Well, these are the conditions where these jigs will shine.

Using normal sized jigs or plastics you will find that you may be fishing in a good area but the target fish are just outside their visible limit and cannot detect the attractant. The larger jig gives the fish much more chance of not only seeing the jig, but also hearing the thud as it hits the bottom (Dhuys and most predator fish love loud noises - just ask your dive buddies about Dhufish swimming up to the anchor chain on drop). The problem is that not all fish will hit a huge jig. For this reason the assist hanging high jig gets a lot, or even more attention. Less aggressive fish like Pinkies will hit the top assists, and the normally aggressive Nannygai also seem to prefer the top hooks. Dhufish on the other hand will hit the big jig when feeling aggressive, but normally prefer the top hook after swimming over to watch the large jig for a short time first. My favourite technique is to motor right on top of the arch then hold the boat in reverse while I drop right on top of it. If its a Dhuy and it doesnt strike on the drop, I give it quite a fast pitched retrieve and normally the top hook will be on before you get 10m off bottom. The only downside to big jigs is the sore arm, you can minimise this by making your mate pull the rigs in while you sort out your 'sounder issue'.

For the deep stuff, we recommend out 13/0 super heavy duty assists available available below. Each pack has 2x twin hooked assist sets (so each pack has 4 hooks total). The top assist option includes the swivel, the bottom does not. We recommend running both top and bottom. The glowing frills are kept lean for the deep drop jigs to minimize drag. 

Note: We have by far had the most success on the orange glow, and that is why we have ordered mainly orange glow stock for now. 



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