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The George (Glow)

The George (Glow)

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A great all round semi-flutter jig. With still quite a stumpy George Cosanza build, the George will track your boat well on windier / high current days, but the added flares on the rear give it a nice amount of flutter to entice the fish on the drop. We use this jig early in the day to gauge what the fish are hitting and always have at least a couple of colours to rotate through. These are best worked in normal slow jig fashion, with most hits coming on the drop or the pause about 4m off bottom.

We like to use this jig in 40 to 150m, it seems to perform best around the 60 to 80m mark for bigger models. The 250g is also a great size and weight to knock your mate over the head when you want to beat him to the bottom.


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