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The Dart (Glow)

The Dart (Glow)

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These are the same profile, but lighter varient of our popular deep drop jigs. They are a great offset in your tackle bag to the Tim Tim jigs as they target fish in the opposite mood (aggressive!). They are a long knife style jig with minimal flutter. The elongated shape keeps the vertical axis as narrow as possible, meaning you can get the the bottom quickly due to minimal water resistance, but also meaning they can be jigged very quickly and with minimal arm soreness for a given weight. Being a longer jig that is also worked fast, we recommend assists both top and bottom to boost the hookup ratio, with the more basic assists (such as type 5 top, type 9 bottom) being advantageous to keep the drag down (this is not important with other flutter jigs).
These are great to fish on bait balls for Kingies, Mackerel, Tuna, Amberjack etc and can even be cast and retrieved through the school with good results. We also use these for demersal species when slower jigs are having less results, using a fast action with pauses low in the column for Dhuys, Red Emp, Rankin, Coronation, CT, Nannygai, Breaksea, Sattletail etc.


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