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Dhubite Ultimate Tourer Power Bank 265Wh

Dhubite Ultimate Tourer Power Bank 265Wh

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• Solar Chargeable (no regulator required)
• Cigarette Lighter Output (15A 180W)
• 2x USB-C (60W QC 3.0 PD), 1x USB-A output
• DC / Laptop Output (adjustable voltage) & Laptop Adapters Included
• Wireless Charging (10W)
• Huge 265Wh / 71500mAh Capacity
• LED Torch Function (white or red light)
• Neoprene Case Included


• Less than a third the volume and half the weight of equivalent capacity power banks due to removing wasted space and utilising cutting-edge technology!

• Charge 21x ‘iPhone 15’ charges, 6x ‘Mavic 2’ Drone charges or 3-5 Laptops charges

• Power your car fridge overnight - or longer when utilising solar input (sold separately)

• 12V output for all 12V accessories such as camp lighting, pumps, compressors, batteries

• Voltage is adjustable to suit your laptop. Adapters included for Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Sony laptops

• No regulators required - solar input accepts 18-25V directly

• Quick Charge 3.0   |   265Wh   |   71500mAh    |    1.5kg  |  IP65 water resistant   |    Accepts 240V Inverters 
• Neoprene case, 240V AU and 12 charging cords, DC cords, Laptop adapters all included

When traveling, having ample charging options is essential for keeping all our equipment powered. From drone batteries, phones, laptops, camp lighting, headlamps, pumps, the need for versatility is clear.

However the challenge arises when standard power banks can't meet our higher capacity demands without becoming bulky and impractical, limiting our ability to carry other essential gear.

To address these issues, we developed the Dhubite Ultimate Tourer Power Bank.

Many devices can't be charged off a power bank unless there is a 240V output, which introduces not only additional size, but huge lossess compared to DC charging. To create a 240V output means including an inbuilt inverter to convert voltage from 12V to 240V (60-90% efficiency), only for the voltage to be reduced again to around 12-24V by the device (80-90% efficiency). Combining those losses means we are losing about 32% of the capacity of the battery just by including the inverter. On top of this, iInverters also have standby power which can drain the power bank over time.

For this reason, we opted for a DC powered power bank. Being DC powered means we are going straight from 12V to the device voltage with minimal losses, meaning ~30% more charging out of the same sized battery, and a huge reduction in size (1/3 of the most purchased brand).

Using the DC output, we also have a very handy feature that allows the user to adjust the output voltages to suit the device - 12V, 16.5V, 20V, 24V. We includ the DC-DC cord, as well as DC adapters to suit Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Sony laptops, as well as other devices. This means you can buy this product and charge your laptop with no other cords or adapters required. 

Most higher powered devices have a Car Charger option available to purchase (think drone chargers, car fridge, compressors, batteries, camp lighting etc). We have included a Car Charger / Cigarette Lighter output to allow these options. We also upgraded the output from the standard 10A to 15A, meaning double adapters can be used and powered up to a huge 180W! To put this in perspective, a 100L Engel / Waeco fridge uses about 70W, and again, if this was done using an inverter type power bank, it would draw about 32% more watts off the battery! Unlike competitors, the Cigarette Lighter port fits all variations of 12V Cigarette Lighter connectors. 

Having enough charge to power the fridge for 24hours on one charge is great, but sometimes long missions require the power bank to be charged up during the day, while away from the car or boat. For this reason, we give the option of Solar Charging. The power bank solar input can charge up to 4.2A (realistically about 150W Panel), taking 3.2hrs to charge from flat to full in full sun. If over 4.2A, the device simply caps the current so there is no need to worry about damaging the device with higher wattage panels. Out panels plug direct into the DC input, or there are Anderson to 5.5mm DC plugs available to use an existing panel. Solar Panels are also available on our website.

We are commonly camping on a beach and get smashed around on a wet boat. We have seen plenty of 'water resistant' products, only to find the water resistant caps work loose easily. It was important for us to have good seals, so as well as being water resistant to IP65, the seals we used actually fit in tight and there are no random holes for water to sneak in. 

During remote adventures, there has been times where phones have got wet and stop accepting charge. For us, this is a big safety concern, so we included a built in 10W wireless charging dock as a contingency. 

As well as Solar Input, the Power Bank can be charged by the following options:

  • included Wall Charger (240V, 40W, 7-9hrs) 
  • included USB-C cord (Car Charger or Wall Charger both okay - 60W, 5-6hrs) Note: any USB-C cord will charge, but for fastest charging use a high speed cord and power source.
  • solar panel (sold separately) - up to 4.2A 18-25V (3.2hrs in full sun if panel providing full 4.2A)

There is Quick Charge 3.0 USB-C suitable for charging phones and also laptops (up to 60W), as well as a second USB-C and a separate USB-A charging port. 

Finally, we have also included a LED torch bar with white or red light options.


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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