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Dhubite Tackle

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Dhubite Tackle Decal Stickers.

Decals are those premium looking stickers that have no background, only the logo sticks to your boat/car/laptop/face etc.

Also for sale are normal white background small stickers.

Sizes: (length from letter edge to letter edge, vertical from jig line top to letter bottom)

A) Decal: 15cm x 6.5cm (laptop pic)

B) Decal: 19.5cm x 9cm 

C) Decal: 39.5cm x 17.5cm (boat chair / car door pic)

D) Decal: 98cm x 41cm

E) Sticker: 9cm x 9cm (sticker edge to sticker edge)


Fitting the Decals:

- Clean surface (alcohol based solution works best), let dry, sit down at a desk with a bit of space.

- Put logo sticker on table face up. Check that the logo/letters have not moved during transit, if they have moved slightly, they can be pushed back into place with your two index fingers.

- Grab provided blank sheet (this is the sticky transfer piece), peel off a corner, then continue to peel until one of the narrow sides is peeled off but only about 5cm in. 

- Line up the sticker sheet to your logo sheet and you will soon peel the sticker sheet over the logo.

*It is important that when you start sticking the transfer sheet down that it goes down square to the paper so the entire logo gets covered. If you started and its not square, peel off and rearrange before you stick onto any of the logo.

- Place the transfer sheet over the logo sheet so that the transfer sheet is lined up with the whole logo, then stick down the exposed corner and remove bubbles (see pic).

- Once square, peel the transfer sheet over the logo sheet. It helps to press your hand/phone over as it peels off. 

- With logo now transfered, push out any bubbles starting from center. Then rub your finger very firmly across all parts of the decal in a circular motion, going over the corners and letters especially. Once done, go over again. 

- Now we will unpeel the sticker with the logo attached to it. Put the logo side face down and start to unpeel from the upper tail corner, it helps if you put a cup down to keep the end secure (see pic). When unpeeling make sure the white sheet is at 180 degrees and back against the table - this gives the best chance of logo transfer. If a section of logo does not transfer, stop peeling and press the sticker down again on that section, then try again making sure the angle of the white sheet is 180 and not creased where the logo corner starts. If a letter is removed with a piece of paper attached, this can be removed with your fingernails after the rest of the sheet is removed.

- Place on your new surface, taking care to keep level. Rub every aspect of logo very firmly with a finger before peeling off,  keeping the sheet at a 180 degree angle and pulling in a diagonal fashion (see pic).