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Dhubite Tackle

Boat / Dive Torch

Boat / Dive Torch

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As a team who have used many diving torches over the years, we are sick of low quality items that don't stand up to being left in the elements for months and constant abuse without any care. 

These Hi-Max HD01 torches are perfect for leaving in the glove box of your boat as the battery maintains the charge for months, and they are more than suitable for jumping in the water inspecting your anchor, diving for Cray's, strapping to your GoPro etc. They are waterproof to 100m and utilise a double O-ring seal for extra security. These torches have the perfect balance of beam and spread in one click, while boasting 1300 lumens. We use a high quality 18650 battery, of which spares can be easily sourced. The adjustable power means you can save battery and keep your night vision, but the full power can get you home safety at night when you're having power issues aboard. 

These are also perfect to cable tie to your Cray noose and fitting under those tight ledges. 

18650 battery charger included which plugs straight into a USB socket on your 12v or 240v. The torch and charger come good to go in a zip up pouch to keep it all tidy when being bashed around at sea, simply peel off the brown sticker on the battery before use. Run time is 120 min, and power remaining is indicated by the colour of the button light. 


Don't pay $139! 


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and go through rigorous testing.

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