Dhubite Marine Sealed LED Light Bar

Dhubite Tackle

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After testing on our boat for 6 months getting hammered with salt water, these are the real deal. Unlike cheap light bars, these are completely marine sealed to IP68, no water can enter these lights, all stainless/aluminium parts, CREE LED's, Flood & Spot Combo. To get this from other light bars would be triple the price!

Built for boaties, these lights have a white or red light option, red for when you want to minimise disturbance while maintaining your night vision. (Note: 2" version is white light only).

Comes with a multi-adjustable clamp system for easy mounting options, they allow you to mount to curved rails and angle the plates inward to maintain a straight light as far forward as possible. Also includes a wiring harness built for boats (6m from battery to switch, 10m battery to light).

NOTE: Default clamp size is 1.25", if you would like another size please add a note during check out. Available sizes are 0.875", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.65", 1.75", 2", 3". Measure the size of your bar and choose the closest size. 

NOTE: Comes without wiring loom unless ordered seperately. Loom includes fuse, waterproof connection to light, relay, switch, battery connections. No other parts required. Lengths to fit a 5-8m boat.

Picture on boat is the 6.5" 36W model.