Premade Dhuy Rigs

Dhubite Tackle

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Unlike other pretied rigs, these are designed specifically to hold up to big dhus. Every part of the system is tested to withstand even the largest fish. The mono is 120lb, the knots used are the strongest tested (double loop blood knot and snelled hooks - all other knots break at lower ratings, eg uni knot), the lengths are tailored to allow the baits to float away from the sinker and swivels to minimise tangles and keep good presentation. The bottom two hooks are snelled 7/0's for large dhus, and the top hooks are snelled 3/0's for dhus or smaller mouthed by-catch such as pinkies and baldies. There is the option of bkk 5x strength hooks or thicker gauge hooks which we have personally tested to over 55kg without opening. The swivels are the superior ball bearing swivels. We recommend joining your braid to mono with the pr bobbin knot to maintain the strength of the rig (pr bobbins will be sold shortly). We use 80lb tasline white braid for highest tested strength for a given diameter on the market.