Dhufish targeting starter pack

Dhubite Tackle

Regular price $100.00

NOTE: No assist rigging in this pack, please order separately. 

A discounted selection of tackle designed for targeting Dhufish, while also catching other Desiree by catch such as baldies, snapper, breaksea, nannygai. 

The selection is the chosen by the most consistant producers for Dhufish. 

For slight adjustments include a note in your order during check out.

1 x Whip (glow/white) 300g

1 x Coight 150g (currently sold out, replaced with 220g Death Adder)

1 x Western Brown 150g (currently sold out, replaced with 100g Western Brown)

1 x Death Adder 125g (currently sold out, replaced with 80g Death Adder)

1 x Chico 200g

1 x 22cm Soft Plastic (glow)

1 x 22cm Soft Plastic (gold)

1 x 10cm Soft Plastic (blood orange)