Demersal Jig Assist Rigging

Dhubite Tackle

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The best assists on the market, we commonly use them without a jig attached catching Dhufish, Pink Snapper, Baldchin, Rankin, Red Emperor etc.

BKK hooks, strength tested to 50kg+ to bring on those 30kg+ monsters without straightening, but small enough to fit in pinkies and baldy mouths without putting them off.  

Extra attention was given to the squid skirt, tentacles and frills for fussy eaters.

Fully set up ready to go with stainless split ring, solid ring, dyneema and ball bearing swivel - not the cheap crane swivels which are useless for serious jiggers. The solid ring is welded inside the swivel ring, meaning if the split ring fails you do not lose your fish - only your jig (but you jig is still easy to change). All gear must pass a minimum 200lb.

If any of this gear breaks while fishing send us a pic for a refund and free jigging gear. 

Works well as a paternoster set up with the assists by themselves 400mm above your jig. 

We also have skirtless options which can be used for jigs, but also work well for home made bait rigs.